"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."

Name                   Suneet Singh Mausil
D.O.B                  20th October
Sex                       male
Languages            Hindi, English (spoken… haryanvi, bihari, urdu, etc!)
Citizenship            Indian
Marital status        married
Height                  6 feet, 182 cms
Built                     strong
Personality traits

Love to travel and visit new places.
Crack jokes all the time. OKAY... try to crack jokes all the time :)
Not a hardliner; do what my heart, mind and soul permits.
Honest in all… most circumstances.
Always try to help and guide anyone seeking or not seeking it!
I don't work, because I do only the things I like to do!
High aims, high thoughts, high dreams and high inputs for making them true.
Eccentric at times.
Love new adventures & challenges.
Interests & Hobbies

Sleeping when I get time
Blitz Chess
Reading biographies, etc etc…

My Music

I can't live without music, my headphones are always ON! I listen from rock to ragas, every type of music!

Favorite Artists/Bands

Kishore Kumar, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, A R Rehman,  and many more...

Favorite songs
                Yuhi chala chal rahi - A R Rehman
                Since I've been loving you - Led Zeppelin
                Time - Pink Floyd
                Jaane kya dhoondta hai ye mera dil- Lucky Ali
                Dil Chahta Hai - OST
                                                                    and many more...



I see the television for NEWS and Movies only. I hate serials but see some talk shows & game shows. I don't have specific taste for a particular kind of movies and here are the ones I like the most (the favorite one changes with my mood!).

Favorite Movies

                Apocalypse Now
                Jaane bhi do yaaron
                Dil chahta hai
                Rang De Basanti
                House on the haunted hill
                Die Hard I
                ...and science fiction movies (never skip any)!


My Favorite Sports

Chess! Its not only a sport for me, its my lifestyle!



Football, Cricket on the roof of my house, Ping-Pong on my dining table, Chess on Internet and Rapid/Blitz/Lightening Chess!


Cricket (when India wins or lose graciously), Football, Tennis, Any sport where Indians or some famous players are playing! Live chess games on internet involving Anand or Kasparov! .. and WWF!


Best compliment received!

It's a story now!

    I went to play my first national (chess) at Bikaner in 1998. It was National U-18. I got hammered and was in the latter half of the final positions. In the last round I was playing against a local lad Ravi Khanna, a cute chubby boy, who looked a bit like my younger brother. I asked him to call a draw and roam around, as the result would have made no difference. He insisted to play on and told me that the local association will give him a prize if he gets 4 points, and he needs to win this game for that. I seriously offered him to take the point as it was nothing for me. BUT! He refused like a true class chess player! The game was going on equally till I found a super move. Before executing it I asked him about his family (his family was also involved in organizing the event). I just tried to light him down, and then made the move. He didn't understand it and thought that it is a blunder. After two moves he realized that he is actually lost. He resigned and my friends congratulated me on the win. BUT! He started crying silently. Everyone including me tried to calm him down and I seriously offered him to take the point again, as the result wasn't yet submitted to the organizers. BUT! That young lad refused strongly. He didn't even for a second give a thought about it. This is what true chess players are like! He finally calmed down and congratulated me too.
    Now where is the compliment?! After the prize distribution, I was talking with the 'best game prize winner', and many other top-placed players. Suddenly an old man in typical Rajasthani dress and big moustache came to me, took my hand in his both hands and said… "All the best, all the best". Then he realized that the tournament is over! ...and said "aage ke liye". I was shocked and surprised and said "thank you". He continued… "aap bahut acche hain, aapne jo hamare bachhe ko kaha… aap bahut acche hain" and went away slowly. The people standing with me were surprised by that gesture as well, as they didn't know what happened. I myself didn't understand what happened that time, and later I realized that it was a compliment. I was standing with the top-guns of the tournament and someone came to compliment me! I don't know who he was, what relation he had with that boy, but I know that it was his heart that was complimenting me! UNFORGETFUL.