Vladimir Putin
"Chess is not simply a sport, it does make man wiser and clear sighted, helps to appreciate situation objectively, to count acts several moves in advance, and the most important is that it forms a character."

Can you believe it?! ( http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=6008 ) I was introduced to chess by my father at an early age, but it was only in class Xth that I played my first tournament. Since then the never ending love began and it is carrying on strongly. I used to play actively till college days, since then its all internet blitz chess now. I won many regional tourneys and gave a few simultaneous displays as well! When I have my way I wake up late night to see live chess tournament matches in internet, .  I had the honor to see live Kasparov - Computer matches in 2003, and very recently I saw many games of world unified championship 2007, that Anand won!

Apart from that  I am involved in Chess in three ways...

As a player
As an organizer
     As a Software Developer

(read a nice article on chess here)

As a Software Developer

I was (am) chess champion of my region. Though it is a good feeling but, I had no one to teach me chess now! I knew my limitations as a player, and knew making to the top of national scene is not feasible in present situation. But soon I found another way of exploring chess! When I took admission in Computer Sc. Engineering, I always had the dream of developing a chess software. I had no knowledge of programming before, but...

"We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. Yet it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents as well."                                                -Bruce Lee

     ...and when Passion meets Profession, the result is always something wonderful!
After, I don't know how many sleepless nights, I was finally able to develop a chess playing software in January 2002. I named it after the ancient Indian name of chess 'Chaturangam'. Its playing strength is not good, but still was a very positive start for me! I won many national level software competitions with it and got in touch with many fine people. Now you see how deeply chess is involved!


Following are screen shots of Chaturangam v1 & 2.


As an Organizer

Apart from playing and developing I am also involved in popularizing chess! I am active member of my District's Chess Association and have founded a chess club in my college.

I founded 'Chaturangam Chess Club' in my college, named after the software I developed. I hold the post of Secretary in the club and It has been a great experience for me. I was able to involve around 250 students in the chess tournaments I organized in college. These events have been smash hit in the college! For details of this adventure, see COLLEGE section. The chess craze is alive and kicking even now and will be carried on by the presence of the chess club in college. Lots of students participate in the championships!

Official site of Chaturangam Chess Club:  http://chaturangam.tripod.com

In district too, I was actively involved with the District Sonepat Chess Association. I was involved with this association since 10th standard, and was secretary of the same. I used to promote chess by going to schools and taking free lectures. I also played active part in organizing the district championships.


As a Player

I have won consistently the district and college chess championships, and also have played in three nationals and many state level tournaments. I am not any great player, but not easy to beat at all!

I like to play gambit games and am a sacrifice expert! I can play both positional and double-edge games. I played against P. Harikrishna in the first game of the first national I played in (National U-18, Bikaner 1998)! I only played in nationals twice after that but... I AM CHESS PLAYER BY HEART! and I will try to play tournaments in future. I have won following tournaments, but chess is much much more than tournaments for me. This is what I could perform in tournaments.


Sonepat District Under-18 Champion from 1995-1999.
Sonepat District Open Champion from 1999-2002.
                                                                         ...I didn't play there afterwards


1st CRSCE Chess Championship  (00-01)                  Winner
2nd CRSCE Chess Championship (01-02)                 Winner
3rd CRSCE Chess Championship (02-03)                  Winner         ...passed out of college

Inter College

1st Haryana Inter-Engineering Colleges Championship (2001)      Winner


Haryana State Under-18 (1998)                                        Winner
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Cup, Delhi Under-20 (2000)            Winner


All India FIDE Rated, Saharanpur (2000)                     Joint 5th

Inter University

I Represented my university MDU Rohtak once in All India Inter-University Championships, at Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (2001). We were placed 8th out of 90 teams.


Though I am not any Grand Master (not anywhere near), but my tastes are like them! I have given FIVE simultaneous displays. Two of them were unofficial, and three official ones. It started when I went to coach students in a school  after study hours for free. I gave them classes for two days, and in the end I gave simultaneous display on seven boards. I won all but it was nothing as it was no competition. So my hunger wasn't satisfied! But in college I was able to satisfy myself!

After each Chess Championships of college I held a special event 'Simul'. You know what it means! The winner of the championship had to be given the privilege of playing it! According to the rules fixed for this event, the winner will move in a circular order to play the games. He/she has limited time, and has to complete all the games in it. If any game is left unfinished after the time limit gets over, it is counted against the winner. So, the winner has to run a lot!!

The following were the results...


1st CRSCE Chess Championship. (26th September 2000)
Winner v/s Next fifteen placed players (toughest possible opposition)
Time Limit: 1hour
Final Score: 11 Wins, 2 losses, 2 losses on time
2nd CRSCE Chess Championship. (5th April 2002)
Time Limit: 1 1/2hour
Final Score: 14 Wins, 1 draw, no loss
3rd CRSCE Chess Championship. (2nd October 2002)
Time Limit: 1 1/2hour
Final Score: 15 Wins, no draw, no loss!!
In another simultaneous display, I played team of seven players of a outside college during the 1st Haryana Inter-Engineering Colleges Championship, held at our college on 2-3 March 2001.
The result was 6.5-0.5 in my favor.

Time limit: 30 minutes!

I played two more simuls, whose details will be put up later.